Research the Style of ART of INDIGENOUS people from your region...

Use search strategies such as keywords

It is very important to narrow your search

sometimes if you scroll down the search engine will provide other suggested searches!

1) sometimes searching under a specific museum that holds work by that culture
2) or a specific Tribe from that culture
Indigenous, primitive, native in combination with the name of your region
combined with
3) Art Form.. Should be something that the culture uses such as

Myan Relief Sculpture Myan Relief

Native American Handmade things A Chart for Native American Art




Post an image of your finding and describe the reason the art is made...
List by Continent

By Region

  1. Africa
  2. Australian Aborigines
  3. Northwest Coastal Indians
  4. Native American Indian : Link: Museum of Native American History
  • Hopi Katchina Dolls
  • Navajo
  • Cherokee
  1. Central America- Panama

Questions to think about

  1. What do Primitive/ Indigenous/ Native peoples make their Art about (subject matter).. why?
  2. What is the function of the piece? Why do they create it? For what purpose?
  3. Can you identify the main elements and principles of design used to create the work?
  4. Can you identify the materials used?

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   This person made this work of art because she was inspired by the trees on her father's land.

This is a Totem Pole from the Northwest Coastal Indians. These poles were found in front of houses and told a story about the family.  Totem poles could be up to 80 feet tall.  The figures on the poles could be humans, animals, or other creatures.Totem Poles are made of wood.The main elements are shape and form. 

We found that most African art was made with people as the motif, the couple in this picture symbolize strength and beauty to the african people, couples were usually pictured as the same size and stature in paintings. This painting shows beauty, love and strength to the african people. They used unity, balance, emphasis, and movement. It looks like they have used some sort of paint or pastel to create this picture.

This is a mola it is made from the cloth bought from the European settlers of Panama

This work of art was inspired by the sea and the lakes by the people of oceania.

this is a mayan aztec war dog made of wood built to show their strength in war

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