Find artists that create assemblage or sculptures using the material you have been assigned

Post an image and a Youtube clip

Sculpture Unit – In class or homework (if not done by the end of the period provided)


In class today you will have time to research and explore:

You will consider what we have done previously



Function – Use


Subject or Style

Artist or Culture


And don’t forget…

What Elements or Principles do you see most evident?

Select #1 OR #2

Extra Credit for BOTH!!

#1 Process / Technique


Find a SHORT video clip on You tube that demonstrates how sculpture is made

Upload it to Ning and write a description 

#2 TTT - Transforming Trash into Treasure

Find a handmade product that is made from recycled materials that you could make or would like to make

Search ‘eco friendly’, ‘handmade’, etc…and see what you find… Add and image and include a link with your finding as a REPLY to this discussion

Use these links:

Look at my Pinterest Board RRR and Up Cycle


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This video sows how you can make recycled soda cans into a flower(s).  

this is kind of the main thing we will do with the bottles and we will connect a lot of these and make a lamp kind of thing.

this is a creative artist that show you how to make a fish sculpture out of soda cans that looks really fun and colorful

  This bag is an very eco friendly purse because you do not need to kill and animals to get leather. It is only made from the tops of soda cans. This purse could be very stylish in the future. 

This is a rose made out of plastic spoons.

This website shows how to make many cool sculptures sort of like a flower that work great outside and is very easy to make and inexpensive 

Coke Bottle made out of styrofoam.



graham that looks like fun!

Nice Job everyone.. look forward to getting started on this soon.. bring in LOTS of trash!


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