Find an Advertising Campaign for a Product

Upload a PICTURE of what you FIND

Look at how the Designer created it and using the DESCRIPTION WEB above describe what you OBSERVE

Then think about what DEMOGRAPHIC the product is created for and how the Advertisement helps to attract that group

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The image below uses the Elements of Color and Shape. The Style is Abstract of an Owl made to look like a character. The Owl has pattern of flowers and stripes and uses Balance on a slant

The Advertisement above is for the product Sweet’n Low which is a sugar substitute. Part of the Logo for Sweet’n Low” is the music staff is part of the Logo… I wonder where that idea originated?

I think this advertisement is geared to the demographic of females because of the color pink, which is also used on their packaging. Perhaps the use of the 'owl' for this image is used to suggest a “wise choice”? I did a little research and found out the Pink is significant to the companies brand, they used to use the cartoon character of the Pink panther as their company mascot


This image is an add for the store Top Shop. They are advertising some of there clothes for the people to look at and get an idea of what kind of clothes they sell, and how they set up the picture was cool because theres three different pictures in one space. I thought that was cool for the designer to design it that way. They are also tracking attention for saying that a famous designer Mary Katrantzou is going to have some of her clothes sold there. That will definitaly attract attention to the custumers.

 This image is an advertisement for the Ferrari car company. they are advertising there new steering technology they show a picture of a car on a track to give you the felling that the car truely does have an amazing steering system. for the ad they used photograph and overlapping pictures. this ad attracts someone in the later years of life that can drive and that has the money to afford a fancy car.  

   This image is an advertisement for the Ipad.  This advertisement uses graphics to highlight the product.  The picture of many Ipads on top of each other, makes them look like they are jumping off of the page.  It looks like you could almost touch it.  I think this advertisement is geared to people interested in new and the latest technology.  

     This advertisement for Coco Cola has movement,and color.It looks like the picture is moving and is in mid air like it will come at you.Its a fun looking advertisement,and kind of representational but at the same time a little abstract.The saying for coca cola is "open happiness" and i think this ad really represents that because of the picture of coke exploding,to me i think just having fun and being 'abstract' is happiness,so i think the design worked well with the saying.I think that this would really appeal to all types of people.

This is an ad for this protein shake drink thing that helps people lose weight. This ad was created using the realistic style of figures. The principles are emphasis because the cake and wedding people are the focus and behind them the image is blury.  The ad also uses movement because of the bride falling into the cake. One element is texture on the cake.

The Demographic is women that are trying to lose weight and might be having a wedding soon. The ad is attractive because its funny and will get people interested. Then women might think about their wedding day and how they want to get slim so they can be pretty and feel good.

  This image above is the logo for Barbie, Barbie is a doll company that makes barbie dolls,houses,cars,ect. It uses the elements of color, and line. It also has movement in the word barbie, and is representational of a girl. This advertisement uses pink and white coloring. They also incorperated a picture of the barbie doll. The word Barbie is written in cursive writing, this makes the word more fun, and interesting, than just normal writing. I think that this advertisment is created to attract little girls, because it is in all pink, and has a girl on the cover. Also barbie makes all kinds of different dolls, there is not only one, so it can attract to all types of little girls.

This advertisement is for OPI nail polish. It is advertising 6 shades of color for the summer. This image uses the elements color and space. It uses contrast in how sun is a different color than the other words, which really makes it stick out and pop. Also, there is a rhythm to the advertisement as a whole. It has a retro theme to it which is why their is a figure of a women in an old-fashioned styled bathing suit in the back and the colors of the nail polish is so bright and have a retro feel to them. The nail polishes are really emphasized by how the background color turns white around them, making them stick out more.

The demographic that this ad is aimed to are women. Also, that are looking for fun nail polish colors for the summer. This may be aimed toward older women too with the whole retro feel to it. It may be aimed to make the women feel younger and also look good at the same time

        The picture that I choose is and advertisement run by Dunkin' Donuts called "America Runs on Dunkin."  The picture has an animated style that is representational. The subject matter is a bunch of figures and symbols like the Dunkin' Donuts logo and the U.S. The elements that this ad contains are color in all of the boxes, line in the figures and the grid shape, shape in the figures and symbols, value in the oranges and yellows and space in the arrangement of the boxes. The principles on this ad are balance of the arrangement of the boxes, unity in the equal size of everything, pattern in the grid, and rhythm  of all the boxes in figures. The demographic that this product is intended for is working or active adults that like Dunkin' Donuts.

The Image I chose to use is an advertisement for pepsi. The picture has a straw that at the end of it has hands and that is representational. The picture has an element to it which is color. The point of this ad is to show that pepsi cans can allow for straw use easily and others can't. This would make the demographic of people who like drinking with straws want to buy pepsi drinks.

 The image I chose is an advertisement for Adidas. It's representational of a sneaker. The sneaker represents a shoe and the paint splatters show movement and rhythm. They also used the space nicely showing the main focus (the sneaker) in the middle, the paint flowing in different directions and the logo in the top left corner. It gives a sense of creativity and the demographic would probably be for young, athletic adults both girls and guys.

The image above uses the elements of contrast shape and color. The style is real life of a Porche 911 sport. The advertisement shows a porch with the words (i havent taken german in 4 years)  "The best for over 100 years. Porch, there is no substitute"  I like this ad because it is cool looking and shows the car.

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