Ancient Civilization and Artifacts

List of Ancient Cultures to Research

  1. China

  2. Egypt

  3. Celtic

  4. Rome

  5. Greek

  6. Mesopotamian

  7. Aztec

  8. Incas

Focus on Artifacts that are created using Ceramics
and that have TEXTURE
Use Museum Websites to find out whatever significant facts you can about the peice

Go on a virtual gallery tour to one of the following Museums

Find a Museum that has the work

Art Museums Around the World


Boston MFA

Write a paragraph HOW and WHY the Artist/Sculptor/Ceramiscist considered FORM and FUNCTION by DESCRIBING what you observe for elements and principles of design... In other words why do you think they create the piece the way they did?

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 this is a platter from greece thats now in a museum,it has balance.

Mayan Calendar has Symbols and is like a plaque

Met Museum

Tripod Plate, 9th–10th century
Mexico; Maya
Ceramic; Diam. 10 7/8 in. (27.6 cm)
Gift of Arthur M. Bullowa, 1989 (1989.314.20)

Referred to by archaeologists as slateware, this ceramic vessel is a variety that was especially popular in northern Yucatan in the centuries around the turn of the second millennium A.D. The subdued colors of slateware, ranging from pale beige-whites to soft grays, are in marked contrast to the vibrant Maya polychrome ceramics of earlier times. As in this example, the decoration is often restrained. The image that adorns the inner surface of this tripod plate recalls the Mesoamerican rain deity with his round goggle eyes and toothy mouth. Applied with a fluid, spontaneous brushstroke, the viscosity of the "trickle" paint causes it to run when first applied, contributing to the organic nature of the painted motif.

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