Find an Advertising Campaign for a Product

Upload a PICTURE of what you FIND

Look at how the Designer created it and using the DESCRIPTION WEB above describe what you OBSERVE

Then think about what DEMOGRAPHIC the product is created for and how the Advertisement helps to attract that group

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I agree, that this advertisement is directed toward hockey players/fans, and people who enjoy playing videogames. The  picture itself shows depth, movement, color, and action. These make it look exciting and appealing to the consumers. The choice of having Steven Stamkos on the cover was clever of the game creators: because he is one of the premier players in the NHL. As a consumer , to see one of the NHL's showcase players first glance in action gives them a positive perception of the game. There are also extra lines streaking randomly in an abstract way that looks interesting. Steven Samkos is mainly centered on the cover. 
BuddyM said:

This picture below is the cover if the NHL 12 videogame. The player in the photo is Steven Stamkos, he is taking a "one-timer. He finished second in total goals scored in the 2010-11 season, and he scored the greater majority of his goals taking "one-timers.. When looking at this drawing/composition I observed that this photo uses movement, still life, realistic, color, line, and value. I think that this product is aimed for hockey players/fans, and people who pay videogames.

This is an advertisment for skittles. It's interesting because their is a lot of color and words popping out at you to catch your attention. The skittles bag's style is representational. Their is some blank background space around the figure. In this advertisment I see movement, color, line, and value. The demographic this advertisment would appeal to is young kids, teenagers, and maybe some adults. 

This is a advertisment for Fuze fruit drink. This picture shows a colorful background of different shapes and designs. It shows different shades of red and it has a black background. The colors are leading to a focal point which is the fuze bottle. I think this advertisment will catch peoples attention. I think Fuze is advertising this to people who like the outdoors because there is a picture of a boot. I also think this is for girls or boys in any age range.

  1. This is an advertisement for Coke. It is cool that all these different toys are coming out of the Coke bottle. It shows movement because it shows the toys coming out of the Coke bottle. It is abstract. The demographic is that the Coke bottle at a party in the sky.

This is a picture of the video game called Madden NFL 2011. Its a picture of Drew Brees the QB for the New Orleans saints. The artist who printed this photo used still life, movement, color, and also  realism. 

I think this video game is aimed at people who are football players, fans of football, and people who enjoy playing sport video games.

This is an advertisement for an iPod. The advertisement uses typography and design to show off the product. The picture uses colors the flow easy together and look good. This advertisement is focused toward people who like music. When you look at the ad it grabs your attention and makes you want to read it.

     This is an advertisement for coca-cola. It is a penguin stealing a man's coke and drinking it. It is appealing because it is funny and would get laughs out of buyers. It is also on a very nice looking beach which could also appeal to us. The design uses a tropical display of colors, it has a lot of value, and it has balance because the action in the picture is taking place in the middle.

This is an advertisement for Coke. It's interesting because there are spring related things coming out of the bottle, while the slogan is "spring into the Coke side of life" (maybe because the time it was made was in the spring) which I thought was very creative. The style of this is somewhat realistic, but butterflies wouldn't really come out of a cramped Coke bottle. There is a lot of movement, as well as rhythm, and it is a still life. There is a lot of color, especially spring colors, as well as value and space. I liked this ad because I love Coke. This might attract anyone who likes Coke or someone who likes a refreshing Spring drink.

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